The Purpose

Our labor of love in making maple syrup has taken on greater purpose. The fruits of that labor helping kids around the globe. Proceeds from each year’s harvest go to ministries for children in need.

The two primary locations are the Children’s Shelter of Cebu – Cebu City, Phillipines and Simba Educational Ministries – Kenya, Africa

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The Story

The three of us discovered our fellowship and love for Jesus, making maple syrup and passion for young people worldwide had a bigger purpose to it. And thus, Mission Maple was born.
Our purpose is to encourage local fellowship while producing an amazing product to ultimately benefit young people in all corners of the world.

In 2007, Bradd and Brenda Strelow of Cannon Falls, MN took on God’s call in a very real way by adopting two young children from the Philippines and an instant and lifelong bond was forged with the young people in that country.  Their children, now high school age are involved in the maple process and in turn, giving back to the place of their birth.

In the past couple years, the hearts of the Addington Family have been called to northwest Kenya and the young kids of St. Jacob’s School.  Matt traveled from his teaching job in Cannon Falls, MN to share some time in the classroom with those young Kenyan kids and his heart was immediately captured into finding ways to help those kids have a better chance at life.